Fluence Automation, Parascript to deliver mail processing solution to CITIPOST Bremen


LBR Staff Writer
Published 08 February 2018

Fluence Automation has collaborated with Parascript to provide advanced mail processing solution to CITIPOST Bremen.

Bremen, which is a member of the CITIPOST Group, is a private postal service business in Northern Germany.

Since 2005, Bremen has been providing its services to corporate and private customers across its territory.  It also offers letter delivery services across the country with the support of other postal companies.

Fluence Automation and Parascript will provide CITIPOST Bremen with advanced mail processing systems, sorting equipment and software to accurately and quickly process reject mail in real-time.

Bremen will use Fluence Automation’s Criterion sorter and two mixed-mail Intellistar sorters, as well as MMT Sabre Plus OCR system software.

The software is said to aggregate Fluence Automation’s advanced reading technology with Parascript’s machine and handprint recognition software to decrease first-pass rejects and increase barcode assignments.

CITIPOST Bremen mail logistics managing directors Matthias Hansen and Helge Schweers said: “We chose this technology based on a very clear ROI calculation using a test period to collect KPIs based on live CITIPOST Bremen production data.

“Our primary goals were to improve customer satisfaction while delivering mail on ever-shorter timetables, reduce TCOs, and implement a new Pre Sort Service for a Consolidation Partner in our region, in addition to CITIPOST Bremen Private Post Business.”

Fluence Automation Germany international sales VP Ruediger Hartmann said: “The essential success factors were the cooperation of all involved parties and Parascript´s involvement in installation and support for a live test to collect exact KPIs from live production data.”

Image: Fluence Automation and Parascript to offer advanced mail processing solution to CITIPOST Bremen. Photo: courtesy of Clic.

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