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Earlier today, Chicago-based project44, a technology services provider offering standardized, secure Web service API (application programming interfaces) integrations enabling 3PLs and shippers to connect with carriers in real time, said it kicked off what it called an expanded integration into cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS) provider MercuryGate International Inc.’s TMS.

One of the main benefits of this integration, said project44, is that it brings together full-lifecycle automation and end-to-end visibility to both Full Truckload and Volume LTL shipments, as well as mesh project44’s existing LTL portfolio within the MercuryGate TMS, providing a comprehensive multimodal offering for end users.

In an interview, project44 President Tommy Barnes said that integration partnership has always been driven by customer demand.  

“MercuryGate and project44 are both focused on listening to our customers’ needs and developing innovative solutions to help them achieve their business goals, faster,” he said. “project44 originally integrated its LTL solutions to MercuryGate in 2016. These new Volume LTL and Full Truckload capabilities have been developed in response to our customers requesting a single-source (through a single vendor) of accurate, real-time multimodal transportation data within this best-in-class TMS. For project44, a global integration increases onboarding efficiency and ease-of-use for our customers. Directly within their MercuryGate TMS, customers can quickly get setup and leverage one vendor for multimodal connectivity, automation and visibility. Traditionally, they have been using 3-4 vendors to achieve this. Partnering with an innovative TMS provider like MercuryGate helps us move this industry forward faster. Together, we present an actionable roadmap for digitization that will help our customers achieve an even more connected, transparent and proactive end-to-end supply chain.”

When asked to cite additional customer benefits of this integration, Barnes cited various things, including:

  • Using project44’s automation and visibility solutions via MercuryGate reduces a customer’s administrative costs, while significantly increasing productivity and efficiency;
  • Given the breadth of project44’s multimodal reach, customers can now reap all these efficiencies and benefits across multiple business units, increasing internal process alignment and consistency of transportation information;
  • Customers now have a single access point into transparent, real-time shipment lifecycle data for all LTL, VLTL and Truckload transportation activities;
  • project44’s solutions will automate a user’s ability to pull rate quotes and transit times without the hassle and expense of legacy rate bureaus; and
  • it also allows users to immediately tender shipments, access live visibility, and receive delivery documentation via a single, API-based integration—delivering seamless interoperability between a user’s carriers, TMS, and customer

Another advantage, Barnes noted, is that project44 provides the highest level of carrier connectivity in the market in the fastest way possible, adding that onboarding through the global integration allows MercuryGate customers to get set up quicker, and with fewer expenses, than they could in the past with older, legacy technology.

“More specifically with p44, they are instantly connected to 99.9% of available domestic LTL capacity, 75% of available VLTL capacity and over 91k Truckload carriers,” he said. “Carriers also realize key benefits by participating in the p44 network and leveraging best-in-class API-based automation such as improved customer service, increased efficiency, and new business opportunities.”

What’s more, he explained that this integration provides customers with a single access point into transparent, real-time shipment lifecycle data for all LTL, VLTL and Truckload transportation activities.

Looking ahead, Barnes said project44 will be focused on quickly rolling out these new capabilities to the long queue of customers waiting for the release to go live. And on a more long term basis he noted that project44 and MercuryGate are committed to adding value by providing a seamless experience that allows users to leverage a robust, end-to-end automation, visibility and execution solution in the form of rolling out more integrations for all modes of transportation and covering a more global geographical footprint. 

“The expanded multimodal partnership allows MercuryGate to meet our customers’ needs with innovative, agile and seamless solutions that help our users accomplish their business goals, and achieve speed to market faster than they could with older, legacy technology,” MercuryGate CEO and Co-Founder Monica Wooden said in a statement.

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