Horse sense: Jettainer offers leasing option for flying stables


Airfreight container firm Jettainer is now offering a leasing option for “flying stables” so that horse transport boxes can be made available at short notice.

The specially designed containers can be leased for one day or up to several months, said the Lufthansa-owned outsourced unit load device (ULD) management company.

A wide variety of ULDs can be leased from Jettainer at times of peak demand via a 24-hour hotline.The stables are now available for transporting horses from the JettHub in Frankfurt – and, if required, from any other destination around the globe.

Jettainer said in a statement: “The special design of the horseboxes, which can transport up to three animals, not only makes it easy for the animals to enter with its particularly broad ramp, but it also has an adjustable partition in the upper area that provides ideal visual protection between the horses.

“Modern polymer materials inside the box and a non-slip stand ensure that the animals can travel without injuring themselves.”

If the horsebox has to be returned empty, it can be collapsed using a foldable ‘drop top’ and transported on the lower deck to save space.

“We’re noticing a huge demand for flying horseboxes and can now offer our customers flexible leasing concepts that are even better tailored to their needs,” said Martin Kraemer, head of marketing and PR at Jettainer.

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Below: a horsebox that has been collapsed, to save space.

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