FreightHub extends FBA forwarding platform for European sellers into U.S.

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   The European-based digital freight forwarder FreightHub has begun offering European companies who want to sell to U.S. buyers through the Fullfillment by Amazon program an automated set of solutions.
   Users can receive real-time all-in rate quotes for door-to-door delivery, including export and import customs clearance, with goods eventually repacked to Amazon standards and shipped to an Amazon fulfilment center.
   FreightHub is one of a cadre of startup digital forwarders and forwarder marketplaces aiming to modernize global container services, particular for small shippers with little expertise in international shipping.
   FreightHub has been offering a domestic FBA service to European sellers since August 2016.
   The goal of the platform is to digitize the elements of freight forwarding services that are typically handled in a less automated fashion. Even traditional freight forwarders have begun establishing digital forwarder offerings to tap into the market of smaller, less experienced shippers.
   The FBA program, while enticing to small shippers, can be tricky to navigate.
   “The door-to-door shipment can be difficult, especially when you don’t have an importer of record in the U.S.,” Joseph Carnarius, head of business development and logistics partnerships at FreightHub, wrote in a blog post about opportunities for digital retailers. “There are many tripwires along the way in shipping to a US-based Amazon warehouse. You need to prepare the packages correctly and set up a customs bond to pay import taxes and duties, among many other steps. This process is significantly eased by using an experienced freight forwarder who can take care of the entire shipment.”

Importing and managing the logistics of your precious freight is no easy task. Compliance to U.S. Customs & Border Patrol is essential to your cargo clearing customs. Use a freight forwarder to lower your chances of having shipment delays and to oversee all of your international freight logistics. Contact a customs broker to file your ISF and issue any pre-alerts to avoid penalties and delays, and arrange your ocean freight and imports customs clearance.