3GTMS to use project44 APIs


   Cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) provider 3GTMS has integrated real-time rate and transit time capabilities provided by the technology provider project44, the company said Tuesday.
   Chicago-based project44 uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide TMS software companies with more accurate and faster access to carrier rates, transit times, and other shipment lifecycle milestones.
   The integration will allow 3GTMS to let users secure rate quotes, analyze live transit times, execute a shipment, access real-time visibility insights, and retrieve delivery documents via API calls, instead of email, fax, or electronic data interchange (EDI). The integration covers virtually all capacity in the less-than-truckload (LTL) market and roughly 70 percent of the volume LTL market, project44 estimates.
   The company’s API hub model lets TMS provider plug into its network instead of establishing individual point-to-point carrier integrations, which can be costly and time-intensive.
   “In today’s world, automation and speed is essential,” said David Joe Freitas, general manager of Premier Logistics, a 3PL that’s been using the project44 APIs via 3GTMS’ system. “The partnership allows us to quickly embrace best-in-class API technology directly within our current TMS environment. Within seconds, we’re able to pull rate quotes from our entire capacity provider network and see their live, lane-by-lane transit times. Most importantly, I know the data is 100 percent accurate and up-to-date—increasing my confidence in the carrier selection process and my ability to make strategic transportation decisions for Premier’s clients.”
   J.P. Wiggins, vice president of logistics at 3GTMS, said the integration will radically improve his customers’ “ability to manage supply chain disruptions, increase on-time delivery performance, and minimize carrier fees.”

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