More functions for Frankfurt freight system

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The Dakosy [email protected] Cargo Community Platform at Frankfurt Airport has expanded its range of import and export services.

For imports, freight forwarders can now receive flight manifest data from the airlines via the integrated [email protected] dashboard, including status reports on incoming flights and air waybills (AWBs), allowing the necessary resources to be planned in a timely manner.

In addition, a forecast containing the master AWB data can alert the freight of incoming shipments. By linking this information to the custody declarations from the ground handling agent (GHA) in [email protected], the printing of the handover certificates and, if relevant, the change of depositary can be processed automatically.

This achieves significant time savings by eliminating the delays between the arrival of the goods and their pick-up, says Dakosy.

For exports, [email protected] has corresponding functions which are now being used by Röhlig Logistics. The logistics service provider has fully integrated these into its CargoSoft Transport Management System and, with support from [email protected], also automated the delivery to ATLAS.

The FRAPORT license plate recognition system is used at entry into CargoCity South. Once the license plate information is recognized by the camera, the Customs process is triggered in the ATLAS-certified customs software.

Head of Röhlig Airfreight Gateways, Alexander Verges, said: “All stations support the process and record the truck license plate numbers in CargoSoft. We handle around 25 to 30 vehicles per week with up to 400 shipments via the automated process.

“In the past, employees had to initiate the customs process manually after unloading; now it’s already done. We save time and resources, especially when shipments arrive at night or weekends. The routine tasks are taken care of and our employees can focus on more important things.”

A door management system was introduced at handling agent FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services in the first quarter of 2017.

To book a ramp, the forwarder sends a transport pre announcement to [email protected] This includes the requested time for loading/unloading, freight information such as AWBs, special handling requirements or dangerous goods information, for example. [email protected] reviews the data and automatically assigns a slot, although the handling agent can intervene if necessary and make corrections.

FCS head of Infrastructure and quality management, Steffen Kuhn, said: “We benefit from a more transparent, easy-to-plan handling process that can provide us with the necessary flexibility to deal with the ever-increasing quantity of cargo for the future. The system also brings clear improvements in the process and less work for all truckers.”

Dakosy says that the Platform continues to add users, including Agility, a. hartrodt, Bolloré, CHI Cargo Handling International, DHL Global Forwarding, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Röhlig Logistics as well as a number of airlines. Over 50 companies are already on the system, it says.

Dakosy chief executive, Ulrich Wrage, concluded: “It’s crucial for this location that as many logistics companies as possible participate and a high volume of freight is handled.

“The participation of additional users increases the gains in efficiency for everyone. We see this as a further step in the digitalization of freight handling at Frankfurt Airport.”



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